BeYOA: Be Your Own Adventure


It started in April 2017 in the beautiful city of Panama, when 2 belgian girls arrived with the ambition to conquer the world, but let’s start first with Panama! Why Panama? This question will never go away… We should record it somewhere… More seriously, it is a bit of luck, the mystery about this country, the never-sleeping capital, the security of the streets and the many opportunities to cease. Here we are, ready to embrace this challenge and make our place in this world. BeYOA was born and ready to grow BIG. 


Everyone has dreams but not everyone will realise them. Just like everybody dies, but not everybody lives…

This company is the story of 2 friends realising their dreams together and pursuing their believes. It is about embracing this world without fear of what could happen tomorrow. It is about learning and sharing. It is about helping our community and making a better place. It is what we believe in fiercely and what we are  doing everyday and at every step of our life. BeYOA is about connecting this world, meeting people and living amazing adventures while sharing stories on the road. Each person has a story to tell, each person can learn if he is ready to listen. BeYOA will offer you the opportunity to tell that story and meet wonderful people.




Julie Renson


Starting a company is like finding a new faith. A faith in yourself and in the success of your values and your project. And I certainly believe that the world would be a better place if every human would be connected and would try to understand each other. So I consider myself lucky to be able to work for this goal and hope that it might bring us a step closer to this new society.

On a more personal level, I like to think of myself as a creative and proactive person that always tries to find the win-win. Feedback is always appreciated even if it is sometimes hard to listen to. I love new experiences and having fun, and I really love true deep human connections. I am constantly trying to work on myself and on my life: to be a better me and to be happy.

“If fear is the only reason why you won’t, then you have to do it”

Sandrine Champagne 


Learning new cultures, meeting people, enjoying life and discovering this world are my everyday purposes. Being an entrepreneur was always inside of me. I studied Economics and Management because my first dream was to open a chocolate shop. Not exactly what I am doing right now but still with the heart of ‘gourmandise’. Every day is a new challenge that I am glad to embrace. And I wouldn’t accomplish this dream as strong as I am without my partner in crime, my bestfriend and soul sister. Together we can do ANYTHING! 

Then I enjoy life; wandering around, getting lost, drawing, cooking, surfing, hiking, connecting and learning with people on my path. Honesty, love and passion: my keys recipie for a happy life! 😀

 “Apprendre l’art et le mettre à part” or in other words “you should always cease everything that you can learn.”