What is a Bar Crawl?    


 noun [C] /bɑ:r·krɔl/ (origin british) 

Synonyms: pub crawl, bar hopping, bar tour                                

 Is the act of having a drink in various pubs or bars in one night usually travelling by foot between each destination.

We went on a Bar Crawl in Panama last Saturday, we met a lot of new people and we ended up dancing in a club

Why join us?


How does it work?  


When: Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, the crew is meeting between 8pm and 8.45pm in Malibu Spirits & Eatery, Casco Viejo

Group: Between 7 to 30 persons with locals, tourists and expats

What: 5 drinks – 4 bars  – one nightclub  –  free entry to every bar and club  –  games –  pictures  – guides

Goal: Have an amazing moment + make new friends + enjoy the best of the Casco Viejo nightlife 

Price: 25 USD (Prevent ticket online = 22 USD)

Reservation:  Register at www.panamabarcrawl.com



Still no clue how it looks like? Check this video out!  


Special promotions :

Birthday party: -50% on your ticket (FREE if group of minimum 7 friends)
Bachelor(ette) party: -50% for the bride/groom (FREE if group of minimum 7 friends)



Experience the different bar/pub crawl from all around the world and beneficiate of 10% OFF


Note: No beach cloth – Minimum 18 years old – No refund