Vision & Mission

Created in 2017, Be Your Own Adventure (BeYOA S.A.) was founded on the idea that you can make the world better through a company by promoting values through your product and impact your client, your community and your team. 

Our name and mission is a constant reminder that we are all responsible to make our lives the best adventure that we ever had. And BeYOA is here to help you with that. Connecting people to people, cultures and ideas through qualitative and affordable experiences.

The vision of BeYOA is about connecting this world, meeting people and living amazing experiences while sharing your stories. Each person has a story to tell and million of stories to listen to. Let’s our experiences lead you to these exclusive moments of your life.





Julie Renson

Julie Renson is a professional in travel and all things Panama. After relocating from Brussels to the beautiful isthmus in 2017, she founded BEYOA and immediately started building a robust network of local contacts within the hospitality industry.

Under her leadership, BEYOA’s premiere event, Panama Bar Crawl, has become Panama City’s number 1 nightlife activity. Above all, Julie values connection and is a strong believer in its power to change lives.

Connection is at the very core of all her company’s activities – from bringing people together to enjoy the very best of Casco Viejo, to uniting people with their daydreams via the booking platform BucoTrip (a play on the Panamenismo, “buco” which means “plenty”).

Her words

Starting a company is like finding a new faith. A faith in yourself and in the success of your values and your project. And I certainly believe that the world would be a better place if every human would be connected and would try to understand each other. So I consider myself lucky to be able to work for this goal and hope that it might bring us a step closer to this new society.

On a more personal level, I like to think of myself as a creative and proactive person that always tries to find the win-win. I love new experiences and sharing them with other people, and I really love true deep human connections. I am constantly trying to work on myself and on my life: to be a better me and to be happy.

“If fear is the only reason why you won’t, then you have to do it”