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Written by Julie | November 19, 2019

The Game Changers sparked a new interest for the plant-based diet. And like so many of us, I wondered: how hard would it be to eat less animal products? So my boyfriend and I entered into a quest… What that really means is that we did one full week entirely based on plant-based products, in other words full vegan with the idea to later drop down our consumption of meat to twice a week. If it is good for the environment and my health, why not, right?!

So that you wouldn’t have to do all the research yourself, find below nice places to go eat while on a plant-based diet.

Karma Café : A Cafe with No Leche

Owned by two young female entrepreneurs, Hidemi y nina, the café was created with the intention to create a vegan culture in Panama and break with the myth around the cuisine.

Located behind the Sortis Hotel, Karma Café has its own homemade meat substitutes, allowing you to enjoy delicious hamburgers, curry, Shashukka and even nochicken wings ! It is also a nice place to go working for a few hours, a nice alternative to Starbucks.


Loving Hut : the Vegan Fonda

An interesting mix between Panamanian and Asian cuisine but all vegan. If you never been to a fonda before, it is like a canteen where you have several different dishes in front of you and you get to make your own plate.

Yes, the decor is quite rustic, but the food is delicious and the price will make you come back. A full plate with proteins, carbs and vegetables costs $3.5! And you always get some free water and warm tea.

Located in El Cangrejo.

Natural Spice: They even have Raw Vegan Food

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