Things to do in Anton Valley, Panama

Written by Julie | May 05, 2021

If you are reading this, you might have heard that you should visit “El Valle” (yes, “el” and not “elle valle de anton” as I read it sometimes), after all it is only two hours from the city. But do you really know what are the things to do in Anton Valley Panama?

Here’s an article for you that will help you get the best of this peaceful and beautiful valley.

How to get there

You can either go by car or take the bus from Albrook.

Bus: There’s a bus leaving for el Valle every 30 minutes or so and it will take you about 2,5 hours and $4.50. Once you go in the terminal, just go look for the stand that says Anton or el Valle de Anton and buy your ticket directly there. No need to buy it in advance as there is a lot of bus going that direction. You will have to switch bus before starting to go up the mountains but just inform your bus driver and he will let you know when to get out.

Car: The route is quite easy, just follow your GPS navigation software app. I recommend Waze since he will tell you where the police is lurking and advert you of any danger on the road.

TIP IF YOU GO BY CAR: On your way make a stop at Quesos Chela. They are renowned for their empanadas and chicheme (a Panamanian sweet corn drink). It is likely that you will have to get in line to get one of delicious cheese empanada but it usually goes fast. And if you are not the waiting type, they have a drive-in on busy days. If you are not a fan of corn in your drink, they also have fresh juices.

Queso chela


Those are classic things to do in Anton Valley Panama. There’s a hike for everyone and a different view on the top of each mountains. Here’s a few of my favourites ones:

La India Dormida or the Sleeping Indian - The classic hike with a touch of history
Things to do in Anton Valley, Panama​ india dormida

It is a classic not only because the view from above is beautiful but because you will start the trail by seeing “la piedra pintada”, a huge rock with petroglyphs and carvings dating from the Pre-Columbian era. You will also get to observe a waterfall.

It takes its name for the fact that from afar, the mountain looks like a sleeping woman.

Time: 1 hour to the top, 1 hour down except if you wish to do the full hike which is about 4 hours.

Cost: $3 to get in.

Cara Iguana or the Iguana's face - Strong winds but you'll still the ocean
Things to do in Anton Valley, Panama​ cara iguana

Cara iguana is one of my favorite because I have never experienced winds like you do when you’re on top of Cara Iguana. It is just absolutely amazing. Although the hike is mainly road, I would recommend doing this hike early morning to appreciate the sunrise and being “above the clouds”.

Time: 2 hours round trip

Cost: free

La Piedra Pintada

Things to do in Anton Valley, Panama​ piedra pintada

Even if you do not want to do the hike, you can go and check out “The Painted Rock”. Its pre-colombian symbols stay a mystery has there is no agreement on what they represent. Some say it is an harvest calendar, others see a map.

Public Bath

Things to do in Anton Valley, Panama​ public bath

This little place is perfect to relax after a day of hiking. Entry price is low and includes a face mask and access to the swimming pools. The water of the main pool is full of minerals which will be benefic for your skin and health. It is a bit old but it gives it charm to the place.

Enjoy a nice pizza after a day of adventure

Surprisingly enough, you will find good pizza in El Valle due to a lot of Italian immigrants who came to live there.

Places to stay

Now that you know what are the things to do in Anton Valley, Panama, here’s a few recommendations on where to stay depending on your budget.

Bodhi hostel

For small budget, this hostel is perfect to meet people and its location is ideal to enjoy El Valle.

Cabaña Villa Victoria

The romantic gataway for only $60 a night!

Los Mandarinos

Lots of Panamanian go there to escape the city for a weekend.

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